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Prefinished Exterior Siding James Hardie – Allura – Nichiha – LP Smartside – Boral – Cedar – Wood

Choosing Carolina Colortones Exterior Siding Options

Carolina Colortones offers the following Exterior Siding Optionspre-finished in their facility located in Western North Carolina!

(House #1 – Composite – Boral – NWT – ‘Teak’)


  • James Hardie
  • Allura
  • Nichiha
  • LP Smartside
  • Boral
  • Resysta
  • Real Cedar
  • Pine
  • Cypress

(House #2 – Western Red Cedar  (Wood) – Custom Color ‘Sagebrush’)


Prefinished Decking

Resysta Decking is a PVC Decking product and is pictured here with prefinished Fiber Cement Siding and Miratec Trimboard. Resysta is one choice for prefinished Decking. The benefits of using Resysta prefinished and delivered, ready to install are as noted below.

  • Resysta Decking is Resistant to the following:
    • Scratches
    • Stains
    • Splitting
    • Mold and Mildew
    • Moisture
    • Insects/Termites
    • Splinters and Decay
    • Fading

Other attributes of Resysta Decking – Eco-Friendly – no trees were harvested for the creation of this product. Its origin is as follows:

Reysta utilizes agricultural waste and converts it into a durable building product material with many applications.  60% of the proprietary formula is rice husks. Synthetic plastic polymer combined with active Resysta Filler monitored closely in extremely high temperatures becomes pliable enough to be formed into almost any shape and size. Resysta does NOT contain any wood and can be stained with over 30 beautiful water-based stains and sealed to assure color durability.

Customers searching for pre-finished Decking often ask, “what are the advantages of prefinished Decking?” Lasting durability, fire, wind and insect resistance are some of the best features of pre-finished of PVC and Composite Decking, making these choices significantly less maintenance than wood decking with the exception of Thermory listed last here.

Less maintenance is the number one reason consumers select prefinished Decking. (more…)

Remodeling Exterior Siding

Why choose Pre-finished Fiber Cement Siding to replace Old Siding

Ready to remodel instead of replacing your home? Is your current exterior siding showing signs of age? Have you thought about remodeling? What would you choose to remodel with? Ever thought of fiber cement siding? Pre-finished Fiber Cement Exterior Siding comes in a variety of material options. For example, you could choose:

  • Fiber Cement (James Hardie, Allura or Nichiha)
  • Composite (LP Smartside, Boral)
  • Wood (Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar or Cypress)
  • Or a COMBINATION of these

Why remodel your exterior siding?  If your current siding is showing signs of wear, or dated, the current siding may be allowing air  to flow between the siding which often occurs with  vinyl siding installations. These conditions could easily be taxing on your heating and air-conditioning systems.

Let’s look at Fiber Cement Siding options.


Fiber Cement Siding – the Artistry of Installation

There’s an ARTISTRY to installing Exterior SIDING!

#1)       Do your homework. There’s an Artistry to install Exterior Fiber Cement Siding!

#2)       Research companies who produce Fiber Cement. – Pinterest is a great source for images as is Houzz. Google searches for photographs and companies who provide pre-finished Fiber Cement Siding should be easy to find. Research the company’s website. Check their photo gallery. (more…)

Pre-finished Interior Wood Products

Carolina Colortones offers custom prefinished Ceilings, Interior Paneling and Trim in a wide variety of Wood species. Our Interior Wood Products  are prefinished with the unique ColortonesComplete® process.

Cypress Pre-finished Ceiling
Shiplap Interior Natural Finish

Pre-finished Ceiling Beams

Shiplap Interior Paneling

Using the ColortonesComplete® process produces a high-quality applied coating with optimal thickness and coverage. Once coating is applied, each piece of wood is stored in a covered area with a concrete floor so that all prefinshed wood is never exposed to sun or rain. Once dried, the individual pieces are packaged in rainproof wrap and ready to deliver, or if you are local and desire to pick up your material, this is an option as well.


Wood Species Options:

–  Western Red Cedar

–  Eastern White Pine

–  Yellow Pine

–  Cypress

–  Spruce

–  Cherry

–  Teak

–  Oak


Customers or Builders looking for this type of even coat, ready to install pre-finished Ceiling or Paneling have a wide variety of Interior Oil based stains to choose from.  We often recommend Sherwin-Williams Wood Classics Interior Stains or Minwax Interior Oil based stains. This is an excellent place to begin narrowing down the color that best appeals to your color choice.  (more…)

Exterior Composite Siding – Pre-finished

Boral TruExterior and LP SmartSide Exterior Siding

Boral Shiplap Profile

Carolina Colortones offers premium products and choices of Exterior Composite Siding.

Boral TruExterior offers Lap Siding with a variety of profiles, some of which include: shiplap, nickel gap, and dutch cove.  Boral is an Exterior Composite Siding comprised of a proprietary blend of products that include polymeric blend, fly ash, and glass fibers.

Homeowners and Builders who are designing their home or a home/business for a customer choose Boral for its look of real wood.

Boral TruExterior warranty states it will not decay due to rot, excessive swelling from moisture and will resist termite damage. The material warranty for is twenty (20) years.

Carolina Colortones includes a 15-year warranty for its proprietary stains/coatings. (more…)

Pre-finished Cedar Siding

Western Red Cedar Shingles with Cabot Semi-Trans ‘Sagebrush’ finish.

Pre-finished Cedar Siding is in popular demand these days for its durability, its look, variety of profiles and applications!

Cedar Siding profiles include:

  • Bevel Pre-finished Cedar Siding is primarily used for exterior cladding for its weather protection and architectural style.


  • Board and Batten Pre-finished Cedar Siding  is also used for an exterior siding due to the rough, not smooth finish. The board and battens can be used to depict a cottage style depending upon the desired look you are seeking to achieve.


  • Tongue and Groove Pre-finished Cedar Siding  is used for its versatility. It can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally for a distinctively different look. Board and Batten or Bevel Siding, Tongue and Groove Pre-finished Cedar Siding comes in both a rough or smooth face.


  • Paneling/Channel Cedar Siding  also offers both the rough or smooth face along with the option of knots, small or large for a more rustic look. Clear with no knots. Gives a shadow line appearance and allows for dimensional movement as well as excellent weather protection.





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