Coating Options for
Boral Products

Choose one of the standard colors below or provide us with the color code for any major brand of exterior solid color paint. Color palettes can be found at any local retailer that carries major brands of exterior solid paint.

Coating Life Expectency

Our life expectancy timelines provide a realistic expectation of how long a finish might last. The life expectancy of a finish is highly dependent on type and degree of exposure to external/environmental factors. These timelines are NOT warranties.

Custom Color Matching

We specialize in custom colors. Choose from the color palette of any paint brand and we can match it with solid color stain or paint. Have a special color in mind? Provide a sample and we can do that too.

While transparent and semi-transparent colors are more difficult to custom match, we use the most popular brands including Cabot, Sherwin Williams, Duckback, Olympic, and Sikkens. This means you have extraordinary variety.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer warranties are available for many of the finishes we offer. Copies of warranties are included with your order. 

READ WARRANTIES CAREFULLY. Warranties require registration and may require periodic maintenance

Review our manufacturers’ warranties

 Coating Options