Wood Siding

For more than three decades Carolina Colortones has been a reliable source for quality western red cedar siding and trim. Bevel sidings, shingles and shingle panels, board-on-board, log siding channel rustic and tongue and groove products are all available prefinished.

We also offer multiple pine species and cypress siding and trim products. Having multiple sources ensures on-time deliveries and specific length requests.

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Benefits of Prefinishing Before Installation

In order to obtain optimum performance of Western Red Cedar, the WRCLA* recommends that it is pre-primed or pre-finished prior to job site delivery. The benefits of prefinishing at Carolina Colortones facility with the unique ColortonesComplete process are:

  • Each board is uniformly coated at the recommended coverage of the stain/color
  • Storage and drying occurs in a controlled, protected environment so that each board is free of dust and debris and not exposed to sunlight and moisture
  • The prefinished material does not produce lap marks, streaks and shrink lines after installation and can be installed at any time of the year

Wavy Edge Wood Sidings

Some know it as Mountain Siding, some call it Carolina Siding, but they all agree that it looks really good on the side of a rustic leaning home.  Comes in white pine and western red cedar species.

Haida Skirl Wavy Cedar Siding

Haida Skirl Wavy Cedar Siding

Haida SKIRL Wavy Cedar Siding – 10″ bevel

Haida Skirl Wavy Cedar Siding

Mountain Pine Wavy White Pine Siding

1″ thick KD with and without Bark Edge

Advantages of Prefinished Wood

Prefinishing wood siding and trim offers many advantages**:

  • Maintains a uniform appearance over time
  • Protects against moisture intrusion, especially end-grain sealing
  • Provides overall greater durability and stability of the wood
  • Prevents decay, discoloration and wear
  • Saves installation time by eliminating the need for on-site finishing

Siding Profile Types

Wood siding is available in a range of woods such as Western Red Cedar, Cypress, White Pine and Fir, and a spectrum of patterns and grades. These woods are available in a range of siding types:

Bevel SidingBevel Siding

Board and BattonBoard and Batten Siding

Tongue and Groove SidingTongue and Groove Siding

Haida SkirlHaida Skirl

Lap SidingLap Siding

Trim BoardsTrim Boards

Shingle PanelsShingle Panels

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