Western Red Cedar 18″ R&R Sample Form

18″ R & R with Cabot Stain I

R&R aka Rebutted/Rejointed Shingles are manufactured specifically for exterior and interior wall surface uses.  The R&R Shingles are trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles for a cleaner look.

#1 Grade is a 100% vertical grain shingle with zero knots. It’s recommended for all finishes.

#2 Grade allows for mixed grain and allows for knots above the 6″ exposure line. This product is recommended for use with solid colors at a  maximum 6″ exposure, however, can also be used with all finishes.

The term “Perfection” refers to all red cedar shingles that are 18″, in length, in all grades.

Please indicate below under  the Special Instructions box – which Grade you would prefer for the Sample Grade #1 or #2. Also, would you like the R&R Shingles or the Perfections? And of course, which color or stain as indicated in color chart. Select your choice of Coating options.

Thank you for choosing Carolina Colortones for your choice of Siding!

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