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Western Red Shingles

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Western Red Shingles


Western Red Shingles offer timeless natural warmth and beauty to any home. These highly durable shingles are environmentally friendly, exceptional insulators and have a proven track record for high performance. In addition, the tannins within the wood are natural preservatives that resist moisture, decay and insect damage. Available in a wide variety of styles, Western Red Shingles show the real beauty of cedar, adding prestige and distinction to any home.

To learn more, visit the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association at http://www.wrcla.org
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Please note: 16″ Shingles are available upon request.

Cedar Shingle Panels

We feature the Cedar Valley Shingle Panel system. Offering up to 50-year warranties when prefinished, these shingle panels are made with QAI Gold Standard Premium grade shingles on an easy to install, 8-foot long panel. These panels meet the highest standards of the International Code Council, Florida Building Code and the Texas Department of Insurance.

Standard panels are 1-course and available in the following styles:


Cedar Valley offers a standard 15-year warranty, but the prefinishing aspect is key. Panels that are finished with semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid stains include a 25-year warranty. Using a primer and latex paint combination on standard panels yields a 35-year warranty. Thick-Butt Panels with the same combination include a 50-year warranty. Learn more about Cedar Valley Warranties.

*This is material warranties only, does not include finish warranties.

Eastern White Shingles

Premium Grade Eastern White Cedar

These shingles are 100% heartwood with no defects on any surface. Much lighter in color than western red cedar, these premiums look best with semi-solid and solid stains. These shingles are rebutted and resquared (R&R) with a sanded face.

Coverage: 1 box = 25 square feet at 5” exposure (maximum)


Select Grade Eastern White Cedar

These shingles have some heartwood and some defects (knots) but not in the exposed face. Solid stains, primers and paint are recommended for this grade. These shingles are rebutted and resquared (R&R) with a sanded face.

Coverage: 1 box = 25 square feet at 5” exposure (maximum).

Finishing Recommendations for Eastern White Cedar

Eastern white cedar, while not as durable as western red, is a fine product for exterior use. For maximum longevity for eastern white cedar shingles use a higher solid finish (semi-solid stains, solid stains or paints) that better protects the shingle from cupping and splitting. We typically recommend an oil-based finish for better penetration of the sanded face (see oil vs. water in the Colors section).

Warranties on Eastern White Cedar

5-15 year warranties are available for particular finishes on eastern white cedar shingles.


For samples of eastern white cedar shingles or to order your three free color shingle samples, please click HERE.


Eastern white cedar shingle installation (PDF)
Eastern white cedar specifications (PDF)