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Prefinished Exterior Siding James Hardie – Allura – Nichiha – LP Smartside – Boral – Cedar – Wood

Choosing Carolina Colortones Exterior Siding Options

Carolina Colortones offers the following Exterior Siding Optionspre-finished in their facility located in Western North Carolina!

(House #1 – Composite – Boral – NWT – ‘Teak’)


  • James Hardie
  • Allura
  • Nichiha
  • LP Smartside
  • Boral
  • Resysta
  • Real Cedar
  • Pine
  • Cypress

(House #2 – Western Red Cedar  (Wood) – Custom Color ‘Sagebrush’)


Remodeling Exterior Siding

Why choose Pre-finished Fiber Cement Siding to replace Old Siding

Ready to remodel instead of replacing your home? Is your current exterior siding showing signs of age? Have you thought about remodeling? What would you choose to remodel with? Ever thought of fiber cement siding? Pre-finished Fiber Cement Exterior Siding comes in a variety of material options. For example, you could choose:

  • Fiber Cement (James Hardie, Allura or Nichiha)
  • Composite (LP Smartside, Boral)
  • Wood (Eastern White Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar or Cypress)
  • Or a COMBINATION of these

Why remodel your exterior siding?  If your current siding is showing signs of wear, or dated, the current siding may be allowing air  to flow between the siding which often occurs with  vinyl siding installations. These conditions could easily be taxing on your heating and air-conditioning systems.

Let’s look at Fiber Cement Siding options.


Why choose Wood Alternatives for your home or commercial Exterior Siding or Shake?

Carpenter bees!

Carpenter bees can be a real menace to one’s exterior siding – especially wood siding.

A statement from the North Carolina State Extension University regarding damage and solutions for Carpenter Bees:

“Preventing carpenter bee damage is difficult (or nearly impossible) for several reasons. Protective insecticide sprays applied to wood surfaces are effective for only a short period even when repeated every few weeks.

Although it is a time-consuming and seemingly endless task, treating the entrance holes with an insecticidal spray or dust can reduce future nesting activity. Products containing carbaryl (Sevin), cyfluthrin or resmethrin among other chemicals are suitable.  Treated tunnels should be sealed with a small ball of aluminum foil and caulked after 24-36 hours. Simply plugging untreated tunnels with wire mesh or similar material might trap bees inside, but more resourceful bees will simply chew another exit hole.

Another option is to go the route of replacing wood siding with composite materials (such as masony, cement board siding, or vinyl siding) as well as replacing porch rails and balusters.” – July 1, 2018 (more…)

Fiber Cement Siding – the Artistry of Installation

There’s an ARTISTRY to installing Exterior SIDING!

#1)       Do your homework. There’s an Artistry to install Exterior Fiber Cement Siding!

#2)       Research companies who produce Fiber Cement. – Pinterest is a great source for images as is Houzz. Google searches for photographs and companies who provide pre-finished Fiber Cement Siding should be easy to find. Research the company’s website. Check their photo gallery. (more…)

Contemporary Exteriors

Pre-finished aka Faux Wood Siding

Have you ever driven by a house and thought – Wow?! How did they create this contemporary look?  What’s that exterior made of? Chances are this home was designed with Fiber Cement Panels or a very creative Composite Exterior Siding such as Boral or it could be wood – Cedar!

Fiber Cement board was developed in the 80’s by James Hardie as a replacement for asbestos cement board. Fiber Cement board is a mixture of sand, cement and cellulose and can be manufactured as lap siding, trim and panels with a variety of textures from smooth finishes to stucco. Today there are other manufacturers such as Allura and Nichiha.

With the development of the various types of Siding profiles and sizes, the Designers and Architects have created some very contemporary exteriors.

For those whose design call for fiber cement panels, metal strips are installed to seal the seams for a more contemporary look

This Designer chose pre-finished Fiber Cement Panels in a Cedar finish. Notice the metal trim used to seal the panels for a very clean, contemporary look!   (more…)

Prefinished Fiber Cement Siding by James Hardie – Allura – Nichiha

Carolina Colortones is a top provider of Prefinished Fiber Cement Siding from leading manufacturers. Some of the notable brands we carry are:

– James Hardie

– Allura

– Nichiha

Customers searching for pre-finished fiber cement often ask, “what are the advantages of fiber cement siding?” Lasting durability and fire, wind and insect resistance are some of the best features of pre-finished fiber cement siding, making it significantly less maintenance than wood siding. Less maintenance is the number one reason consumers select fiber cement siding. (more…)


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